In a bizarre twist on one of videogaming’s most time-honored traditions, it’s time to check the still-warm body of former APB studio Realtime Worlds to see if it was carrying any good stuff we might want.

Simple question: What’s the first thing you do after you’ve swept your enemies from the field of battle? You check ’em for loot: Guns, ammo, armor, food or whatever it else they had that’s better than the worn-out garbage you’ve been lugging around. An Alienware hi-spec gaming PC with 22-inch flat panel monitor and keyboard, for instance.

You’re not going to find something like that on your average cut-down Darkspawn but you might come up with one at the online auction of all the stuff that used to belong to Realtime Worlds. Realtime, as you may recall, ran into trouble soon after the disastrous launch of APB, which came out in June. APB went down in mid-September; Realtime Worlds went into administration soon after and is now facing a legal fuss with many former employees over missed paychecks.

Over 1000 lots are expected to be put up for auction and bidding is already underway, although not all lots have yet been posted. There doesn’t seem to be as much memorabilia as I was hoping for, however. There are some great deals on computer hardware, networking equipment and random bits and pieces like a toaster and a washing machine, but a quick scan through the posted lots reveals almost nothing in the way of collectible Realtime swag. Which I realize sounds kind of ghoulish; it’s like complaining that the corpse you’re rifling through isn’t wearing any nice jewelry.

But hey, that’s how gamers roll. One other thing to bear in mind: If you buy anything, you have to go pick it up. In Scotland. I suspect that’s a little out of the way for most of you, but if you’re planning on being in the neighborhood in mid-November anyway, why not take the opportunity to score some cheap stuff?

via: Twitter

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