The Humble Bundle Returns to Android


After its foray into music, the Humble Bundle returns with a set of games for the Android platform.

Ten years ago, if someone were to say that putting $50-$100 dollar game packages into pay-what-you-want bundles would become a massive hit, they would probably be laughed out of the room. That’s really not the case anymore. Now, we ask more practical questions, like “What platforms can you put this on?” and “Can you do a bundle for soundtracks?” Now, the Humble Bundle team has made its third Android-specific deal available to gamers everywhere, collecting Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP.BEAT, SpaceChem, and Uplink, along with the puzzle platformer Spirits for those who pay above the average.

As always, the latest Humble Bundle will allow you to divvy your payment between the original developers, charities (EFF and Child’s Play specifically), and the website team in whatever percentages you choose. All games are available for Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Steam platforms, although it should be noted that Uplink and SpaceChem‘s Android versions are restricted to tablets.

These games certainly aren’t the latest titles, but they do have strong followings, and Uplink and SpaceChem in particular feature gameplay that favors a touchscreen format. Additionally, if this bundle is anything like previous iterations, the Humble Bundle team may have some additional features that will be retroactively added to the package. Whether these potential additions will come in the form of extra games or compilations of previous bundles remains to be seen.

Source: Humble Bundle via Rock Paper Shotgun

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