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Liam Neeson is once again getting really cold as Netflix has debuted the trailer for its upcoming action thriller, The Ice Road. The actor has a small sub-genre of cold weather thrillers under his winter jacket, including the absolutely fantastic The Grey and the nowhere-near-as-good Cold Pursuit. The Ice Road looks like it’s going to land somewhere in the middle of the two in terms of quality. Then again, any film where Neeson utters the line, “Now I’m angry,” can’t be all bad, right?

Netflix picked up the movie for a cool $18 million, seeing an audience-pleaser with Neeson headlining a team of truckers that must drive along an ice road in order to rescue a group of trapped miners. However, it turns out that they’re not just battling a quickly melting body of water. It seems the mine owners have been up to no good and are looking to stop the rescue any way they can. If The Ice Road is directed well enough, it could be a taut little piece of fun even if the CGI in the trailer looks a bit lackluster overall.

Neeson is joined by a pretty strong cast. Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder, Marcus Thomas, and Laurence Fishburne all make appearances in the film, which is written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, who is best known for writing the likes of JumanjiArmageddon, and The Punisher (the underrated Thomas Jane film, not the Netflix show).

The film lands in an aggressive summer of movies releasing for Netflix, as the streamer pumps out content as fast at it can to keep subscribers on board while a plethora of other streaming options launch. This one probably won’t make or break the streaming wars, but it never hurts to have Neeson, an actor with a certain set of skills, in the lineup.

The Ice Road release on Netflix on June 25.

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