The fictitious PlayStation spokesman proposed a sandwich recipe that doesn’t scrimp on fat, and people actually made it (and even ate it.)

The story begins in the pages of September 2010 issue of GameInformer magazine. In an interview with Sony’s Vice President of BS Marketing, Kevin Butler was asked what his favorite sandwich is. The Butler replied by describing a culinary masterpiece that would kill a wooly mammoth at 200 yards.

“Have you ever had a Monte Cristo? It’s an entire ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese sandwich dipped in French Toast batter and deep fried. It’s actually semi-extinct in most parts of the world, because few could handle it’s epicness. Well, my favorite sandwich is a double bacon cheeseburger with two Monte Cristo Sandwiches as the bun,” Butler said before adding, “and a diet coke, obviously.”

Fast forward to today. The guys behind National Public Radio’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me news quiz show have a feature called Sandwich Mondays where they detail a new sandwich on their blog every week. Previous entries have included a Philly Mac and Cheese and the $777 burger from a Las Vegas casino (the burger comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon but still…) Today’s sandwich was the Kevin Butler special. And it was magnificent.

Despite not really being able to eat it like a real sandwich – it’s just too thick – the team at Wait, Wait seemed to love it. “It is undeniably delicious – you can’t put that many lipids together and not make something tasty – but it is difficult to eat.” Then the snarky comments about just how ridiculous the Kevin Butler is started coming to them. I won’t spoil all the comedy, but my favorite was from Senior Producer Mike Danforth who used an analogy that would make the SAT test-writers proud:

“The KFC Double Down is to Barry Bonds in 1987 as the Kevin Butler is to Barry Bonds in 2005.”

Man, this sandwich is starting to make me really hungry.

Source: NPR

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