The King of Fighters Movie Trailer Is Confusing


King of Fighters, the live-action movie: Where Kyo Kusanagi is white, Terry Bogard is a CIA agent, Iori Yagami plays hockey, and the actress who plays Vice has actually heard of the game.

There is a very fine line between So Bad It’s Good and So Bad It’s Horrible, and it looks to me like this live-action adaptation of King of Fighters straddles that line.

On the one hand? Okay, let’s try to be as even-handed as possible for a moment: The cast and crew are approaching this movie with the right attitude. They’re trying to make a movie that, in their own words, “is going to be fun” with a pulpy, comic-book-slash-anime-slash-videogame feel to it. That’s the right direction to take this, for sure.

On the other hand, what the hell? Going into another dimension to fight – are you sure you didn’t get the Mortal Kombat screenplay delivered by mistake, guys? Why is Kyo Kusanagi white? Why is Iori Yagami wearing a hockey outfit? Are those really the final visual effects you’ll be using? And I’m sorry, but that outfit for Mai Shiranui clearly has to go – it’s not nearly as cleavage-tacular as it needs to be. I recommend getting some members from Tecmo’s Team Ninja as consultants.

But my one biggest complaint with the “behind the scenes” trailer featured above: Where the hell is Terry Bogard’s “Fatal Fury” hat?! I’m prepared to forgive a lot of things, folks… but not that. Terry Bogard needs his goddamned hat, or else no deal – period.

(Via Joystiq)

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