E3 2015

The Last Guardian Officially Revealed (Again)


Sony has finally lifted the curtain on the long-forgotten Last Guardian.

Well, it looks like that rumor was right: Sony has officially revealed the long-forgotten, assumed-to-be-vaporware Team Ico adventure: The Last Guardian at this year’s E3, complete with a lengthy gameplay trailer. The game will be finally coming to PS4 in 2016, though we weren’t given any more concrete release details.

The trailer featured a boy and the assumed Guardian – a kind of dog-griffin thing – navigating their way through a crumbling temple complex. From the looks of things, the player will control the boy and will be able to give his guardian movement and other commands. It showed off some cool little tricks, such as the boy grabbing onto the guardian’s tail to stop him from fall into the abyss.

It certainly seems as though the game will be very much based on puzzles and exploring rather than combat, as the 6-minute trailer you’ll see above didn’t actually feature any fighting. One thing we can all agree on is it looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS4, and seems to be really pushing the hardware to its limits.

The Last Guardian was first revealed back in 2009, and as very little had been heard about it since, it was assumed to be stuck in vaporware limbo. Do you think it will be worth the wait? Can it live up to the expectations fans have built around it?

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