The latest trailer for GoT‘s sixth season plays a wicked game.

“I choose violence.”

With just three simple words, the interest level in season six of Game of Thrones just went from “moderately high” to “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!!”

The first full-length trailer, which was released earlier today, is a veritable onslaught of sex, violence, and sexual violence, which fits right in line with the dark, dark world of Westeros that we have come to know and, well, if not love than at least grow enamored with. Opening on a shot of a still-dead-but-totally-not-dead Jon Snow, the trailer gives us just enough of what we can expect in season six without answering any of the burning questions left over from season five. Questions like:

-Is Jon Snow really dead? Like, really really?
-Will Sansa and Reek actually escape Winterfell before being recaptured by Ramsay?
-Does Melisandre ever get chilly while constantly disrobing?

What the trailer does reveal, however, is that Zombie Mountain will do some major damage to the army of Sparrows, Arya Stark will still be blind (and pay dearly for her insolent behavior), and Bran Stark will totally run into the White Walker King at some point.

With HBO recently deciding not to issue advanced screeners of “Game of Thrones” to members of the press thanks to the insanely-rampant piracy issues the show faced last year, the wait until its April 24th premiere just got a whole lot longer.

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