The latest update for The Division is live, and it’s causing all sorts of problems for Ubisoft’s shooter.

If you’re still playing The Division, you’ve probably learned to dread the message “Update downloading.” Ubisoft has had some issues with their updates causing problems, and the latest patch is no exception.

Update 1.2 – also called “Conflict” – adds a pile of new content for both PvP and PvE, a new raid, and a host of new bugs. There are a number of reported issues with the new content, from things that don’t work to disappearing characters. For example…

The new High Value Target PvE missions are unlocked by Intel, a new currency that was also added in the patch. Unfortunately, spending your Intel doesn’t always unlock the missions like it’s supposed to. Even when it does, the missions are buggy, with bosses that sometimes aren’t even there, forcing you to restart the mission.

The new raid, which is named Clear Sky, is apparently causing matchmaking issues. Sometimes the raid resets repeatedly. Sometimes players are kicked back to the beginning of the raid, or back to the nearest safe house. Often the game will slow down dramatically after one of these resets.

While those bugs are annoying (And in some cases, game-breaking), the biggest issue with the patch is that there are reports of missing characters. This isn’t the first time this has been an issue, as the same thing happened when the 1.1 update launched back in April. Ubisoft is already aware of the issue and looking to solve it, but it’s not reassuring to players when this sort of thing keeps happening.

The Division has shown some promise in the past, but it’s been continually undermined with technical issues. Every time it looks like Ubisoft is getting a handle on things, a new problem crops up. Hopefully they can sort these issues out permanently, and get on with the business of adding content to the game.

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