More free DLC is coming to Total War: Warhammer – this time it’s the legendary Dwarven warrior Grombrindal, known as the White Dwarf.

There’s been plenty of DLC released for Total War: Warhammer already, and now there’s another new Legendary Lord available – for free. The legendary Dwarven warrior Grombrindal is a Legendary Lord known as the White Dwarf. You can spot him easily thanks to his white hair and beard. He joins Thorgrim and Ungrim as the leaders of the Dwarfen campaigns.

Grombrindal will also have access to four new quest chains that will reward him with Legendary gear. His abilities are:

  • Grombrindal can assume the aspect and attendant benefits of one of the illustrious Dwarf deities, Grimnir, Valaya and Grungni, through his unique Living Ancestor dilemma
  • The greatest campaign reinforcement range of any Lord
  • Increased Underway evasion chance
  • His unique battle ability, ‘Grimnir Has no Fear,’ is an augment which bestows increased melee attack, melee defence, vigour and the Unbreakable trait
  • His unique battle ability ‘Flash Bomb’ temporarily blinds enemies and slows their advance

He’s been available since late October to those lucky folks who snagged a code from Warhammer Magazine in November, or those who acquired a code at Games Workshop and Warhammer stores around the same time. But if you weren’t one of those people, you can now download Grombrindal on Steam for free.

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