The Lego Movie Sequel Set for May 26, 2017


The Lego Movie has grossed over $200 million worldwide since its release on February 7.

Warner Bros. announced today that the sequel to The Lego Movie will open May 26, 2017. Screenwriters Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan will pen the yet-unnamed sequel. The Lego Movie was written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who will direct the upcoming animated film Ninjago, which is based on the ninja-inspired Lego sets of the same name.

The Lego Movie has held the top box US office spot since its release on February 7. The computer-animated comedy has earned $151 million in the US, with international markets adding another $52 million. The movie is expected to continue to dominate the box office this weekend. The film opens this weekend in France and Italy, and later in Russia, Japan, Australia, and Germany.

The Lego Movie has been a big hit with critics. The Escapist’s own MovieBob says, “The Lego Movie is a minor miracle. It savagely mocks clichéd chosen one narratives but comes out as its very own special snowflake of a savoir.” Not everyone has kind words for the film, however. FOX Business accused the film of being “anti-capitalist” for having a CEO as the film’s villain.

I’m trying to reserve judgment about a series of Lego movies, especially given how strongly the The Lego Movie itself rails against the nostalgia train of toy movies that Hollywood has been riding. Until we know more, I’ll be comforting myself with the official animated bloopers reel.

Source: Variety

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