Impressed by the Halo 3: ODST live-action trailer? Check out the new “making of” video and I guarantee you’ll be even more blown away by how much work went into this thing.

It’s an awesome trailer. Hell, it’s one of the finest bits of gamer-centric advertising I’ve ever seen and that’s coming from someone who has minimal knowledge of, and even less interest in, the Halo franchise. Not because of the action sequences, which were solid but hardly revolutionary, but for the way it followed the growth of a boy to a man, to an ODST. It was a smart angle – and it seemed so real.

Of course, realism is in the cards when you hire Academy award-winning costume designers and the team who created the Alien and the Terminator to make your costumes, props and enemies, and when you film on location in places like the bottom of a strip mine or the inside of a cooling tower of an active nuclear power plant. The filmmakers even hired real-life Hungarian special forces soldiers to serve as drill instructors in the video.

It’s an awful lot of effort for a glorified ad, but it’s hard to argue with the results. And how much did all this cost, you may ask? No idea, but you better believe it didn’t come cheaply. At 60 bucks a pop, though, I suppose Microsoft can afford to blow some green on stuff like this.

via: CVG

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