This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Medium.

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You know what, Konami, I don’t even care about Silent Hill anymore. You make all the Pachinko machines and arcade shooters and Pyramid Head-shaped suppository kits you like. I loved Silent Hill once, but you know what, getting us attached to name franchises is how they get you. That’s why Disney can sell haunted Zyklon-B canisters just by sticking C3PO on the front. I don’t want a new Silent Hill, I want interesting new horror games that benefit from Silent Hill’s influence. I like bands influenced by Nirvana but I wouldn’t like it if they nailed Kurt Cobain’s body to the front of the drum kit. Well, you’re in luck, Yahtzee, me drivelling old game reviewing giant sea turtle, because here’s The Medium, a new original survival horror game not only inspired by Silent Hill but featuring music from Akira Yamaoka, himself. Yeah, all the shitty Silent Hills had music from Akira Yamaoka. So did the Dead by Daylight expansion, and Shadows of the Damned, and… World of Tanks?! Akira Yamaoka apparently has trouble saying no to people. And why are you trying to cover the developer logo? Erm. ‘Cos it’s by Bloober Team. Ugh. Fucking walking simulator merchants. Wish they’d simulate walking over to a fucking whiteboard and coming up with some new ideas for once.


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