The Megalodon in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC is Real, Enormous


How to find the ancient monstrosity terrorizing the South China Sea.

Easter eggs in Battlefield 4 have spurred several game-wide excursions in the past. Finding the Yeti was the last big discovery, but the new Naval Strike DLC brings a much bigger hidden creature into the fold.

Jackfrags (see the above video) has video evidence of the Megalodon, a giant, prehistoric shark that uses humans as toothpicks. The Megalodon can be found on the island-filled BF4 map Nansha Strike, which is part of the recently-released Naval Strike DLC update.

To call the Megalodon from its home in the watery abyss, you must gather ten soldiers around a buoy (the above video uses the buoy between the A and B control point islands). Once ten are gathered, the Megalodon explodes out of the water, destroying all in its path (seriously, all the buoy-gathered perish in an instant).

If you’re playing Naval Strike this weekend, try summoning the Megalodon with your friends, and post video up of the feat here in the forums. Happy hunting!

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