The New Overwatch Patch May Have Quietly Rendered Aimbots Useless


If the reports are true, Blizzard may have subtly rendered aimbots useless in Overwatch in the latest patch.

The newest Overwatch patch may have slipped a little change in under the radar. Apparently Blizzard made a change that has rendered many aimbots useless.

According to a post in the Overwatch sub-Reddit, there’s an update to the outlines of player characters in the game. The post says,

“Basically starting from this patch, the outlines on enemies slightly change in color (unnoticeable to human eyes) so that the image recognition engine on aimbots would be either completely useless or have high failure rate (if they try to target the range, rather than a specific RGB value). They are already known to function incorrectly on maps like Gibraltar with red backgrounds so this should deal a critical blow to these hacks.”

In short, this means that many of the aimbots in use work by identifying the color outline of a player. With this change, that color is always shifting, making it difficult, if not impossible, for those bots to work.

If these rumors prove to be true, it’s good to see Blizzard working to combat cheaters, even if they didn’t mention it in the patch notes.

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