The Origin of Dream Reaper

Author: Julie Picard

The cult, Circle of Thorns, were having a daily ritual to summon demons. The cult members sat around a ritual sign carved into the ground of their hidden city, Oranbega. It was cold in the ritual chamber and the only source of light was from the torches set by the ritual portal the demons were to come out of. Four spectators stood in the corners of the room like statues with no movement at all.

Suddenly some guards came out and gathered around the ritual portal. They started worshipping it like it was a god. Then a Death Mage walked out and opened a large and very dusty book. He started to say some words in another language. He started to repeat them faster and faster and the torches flared up which gave warmth to the cold room.

He kept going faster with his words until suddenly a big gust of wind came through the room. It grew even stronger and the cult members were confused and scared. Then a huge cloud brewed in the middle of the room. All the cult members looked at it and suddenly lightning hit all the nearby cult members. They were instantly killed.

Suddenly a figure protruded out of the portal. It was Dream Reaper. He was once a very powerful mage who had received storm and toxic powers and fought bravely in the Rikti War.

During the war he followed some Rikti into a place called Oranbega, which was the Circle of Thorns hideout many wanted to find. He went inside but was overpowered by
cult members and, instead of killing him, they cast him into the dream world where he would stay forever. But the Cult members should have just killed him because he gave all the cult members nightmares beyond their imagination. Soon, through a cult member’s dream, he learned they were going to have a ritual to summon a demon. He could use that portal to get out of the Dream World.

He got through the portal successfully and his rage on the cult was like a bull on a toreador. The next he knew, all of the cult members in the ritual chamber were dead.

He walked out of Oranbega and now continues his fight against evil, just like the old days.

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