Julie Picard

The Origin of Toxic Spirit


Author: Julie Picard

“I hate you, mom and dad, you don’t let me do anything I want to do,” said Sean Phillips to his parents as a teenager.

Well, Sean Phillips was one of those kids who did the wrong thing to fit in. He took alot of drugs and went to illegal parties. His parents soon didn’t want anything to do with him and kicked him out of the house.

He was lost in drugs and the only way he thought he could go was the wrong path. So, he joined the Hellions. They provided him shelter and food as long as he did what he was told. He started out doing petty things like writing graffiti on walls that said “Hellions Rule” or “Hellions Will Conquer” and stole things in stores. Then he was told he was ready to go up a step and be able to fight heroes. He just needed to do a deed. He was to kill the first person he saw.

He stood in a small parking lot watching the sidewalk for someone to come by. Then a lady came by holding hands with a little girl. He tried to force himself to do it but he couldn’t. He then knew that the Hellions were wrong.

He quit and had to change his identity and name to Adam Lordes. He spent years going through his problems with a shrink. Later, he got his life back together. He went to college where he met his sweetheart, Anna. They got married and moved to Talos
Island where they got an ocean view home. He later had three children and his life had finally turned around. He got a job in computer software and everything was going right.

One beautiful day Adam left work to go home to his loving family. He walked out of the building and got in his nice car. He drove through the streets and finally got home. He walked in his house but couldn’t find his family members. Then he saw a note on the kitchen counter. It said that his wife had found a guy she really loved and took the kids with her and moved to Europe.

He was in shock. It felt like someone had jabbed a dagger into his heart. He suddenly burst into tears. He couldn’t sleep all night and whenever he went to work all he could think of was his family, especially his children.

His hatred for his wife Anna grew. With his mind elsewhere, he was fired because he wasn’t working well. There weren’t many job listings and the ones he answered he was turned down for. He lost his home and he fell into the dark pit of depression and loneliness.

He moved to the abandoned sewers. He suddenly lost it and found a dagger laying on the sewer ground. This was it. He couldn’t believe it, but he had gone to the lowest and darkest place of depression. He picked up the dagger, pointed it toward his heart, and took his last breath. He knew it was his last breath and he couldn’t believe it. He
drew it forward and then all was black.

He was floating in the sewer tunnel and he could see someone lying on the sewer floor and realized it was himself, covered in blood. Everything started to get darker and darker. Then he saw an indescribable light. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Except it wasn’t the way to heaven.

Suddenly the light turned into a magnificent figure. He drew the conclusion it was an angel. The angel spoke in a nice soft, serene voice and her appearance could make the toughest person drop into tears of joy.

“Suicide, what a terrible thing,” said the angel in her beautiful voice. “Why, my dear Sean, why?”

He just sat in awe. The angel then told him that he had a second chance. He was to go back to earth as a spirit with toxic powers from the sewers and fight the evil in Paragon City. He said he would do it for a chance to get into heaven.

The angel disappeared and he suddenly became sad. The sewer tunnel became less dark and his body had disappeared. He left the tunnel and went to fight in high hopes of heaven.

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