The Oval Office Gets a Wii


The inauguration of Barack Obama will be a first for the United States in several different ways, including the fact that for the first time ever, there will be a videogame console in the most powerful entertainment room in the world.

When President-Elect Obama moves into the White House, he’ll be bringing the Nintendo Wii that he gave to his two daughters for Christmas. According to an article in the New York Times, Obama spent some time playing on the console with Sasha and Malia during their vacation in Hawaii, and is reportedly a much better bowler in Wii Sports than he is in real life. Which, to be fair, is sort of like claiming he could beat Yao Ming in a limbo contest: During the Democratic presidential primaries, Obama scored a miserable 37 points at a bowling alley in Pennsylvania.

Sure, it’s might be a little while before we hear reports about how Obama thought Shadow of the Colossus “totally kicked ass,” and we probably won’t be running into him trash-talking his opponents in a heated match of Team Fortress 2, but for better or for worse, the leader of the free world is now a gamer. Perhaps he’ll slip on the wrist-strap to unwind or enjoy some family time with the First Console in his few moments of free time once he steps into office.

Representatives for the Obama Administration transition team say that the President-Elect plans to settle all future diplomatic entanglements by throwing down in a round of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but beware – we hear Vladimir Putin plays a mean Pikachu.

(The New York Times, via Gameculture)


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