The Path Comes To The Mac

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Tale of Tales’ art game The Path is now available on Macs, where its creators hope it will find a welcoming audience. Because, as everybody knows, people who use Macs are all art snobs.

Go let your Macbook Pro owning art school friends know: The Path, one of the most unconventional games we’ve encountered in a long while, is available now for $9.99 via the official site or digital distribution site GameTreeOnline.

As Susan Arendt put it in her review, The Path is not so much “a game in the traditional sense,” as “an interactive storytelling experience,” and thus exactly the kind of unique experience that developer Tale of Tales thinks is perfectly suited to Mac users.

“We think Mac users are really the natural audience for our work,” The Path designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn said. “The Path does not involve combat or hard puzzles. It’s not about space marines or bikini babes. Instead, The Path is a game that challenges emotions and thoughts. It invites the player to actively explore their own imagination.” So what, PC users aren’t imaginative? Is that what you’re saying, Tale of Tales? I take offense.

The port was engineered by TransGaming and their Cider Engine, which took on the arduous task of wrangling the DirectX-happy Quest3D engine which The Path was built on into cooperation with Mac OS X. This could be good news for PC owners with Macs who had problems meeting the system requirements for the game or getting their video cards to cooperate with it. But of course someone who uses both PCs and Macs couldn’t possibly exist.

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