Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six Siege development team is shifting as the game’s leads move on to other Ubisoft projects.

Ubisoft announced that creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexandre Remy as well as a few other members of the Rainbow Six Siege crew are “passing the torch.” A video detailing the studio update explains that those leaving the development team are moving away so that they can “pursue other interests within Ubisoft.”

The new team — which includes some veteran Rainbow Six Siege developers — has been in communication with the previous core developers and has already started work on the future of Rainbow Six Siege. Game director Leroy Athanassoff is staying behind to lead and says the new team will “cover all aspects of the game”:

We will start expanding the “game universes.” If you look at player experience, we need to stop thinking about exclusive features and start implementing inclusive features instead. What I mean is that we need to deliver content that will impact every player and the whole community.

A studio shakeup like this can sometimes sound like bad news, but Ubisoft ensures that it doesn’t have any plans to stop development anytime soon. Since its release in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has received regular updates, with one recent content pack featuring a Latin America theme.

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