Bob Odenkirk stars in a remake of The Room, directed by Brando Crawford, but without the knowledge of original creator Tommy Wiseau.

Better Caul Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk has confirmed he will be starring in a remake of the 2003 cult classic The Room, and he apparently already filmed it. Odenkirk himself tweeted, “This is real,” and that he tried his best to “SELL every line” in response to a /Film report announcing the existence of the movie, which will be directed by Brando Crawford. However, original film creator Tommy Wiseau is not involved, and his representation says Wiseau was not aware of the film at all until this past Wednesday, including not being contacted about licensing.

Reporting had circulated around this potential remake recently, indicating it is being produced by Acting for a Cause, a company known for making films with high-profile actors like Justice Smith and Zazie Beetz. Founder and director of the company Brando Crawford also uses these films to raise donations for a variety of causes. The Bob Odenkirk The Room remake will be raising profits for the Foundation for AIDS Research. Acting for a Cause has posted a picture of the green-screen production.

The Room is often regarded as one of the worst films ever made, and the film achieved cult-classic status as viewers would watch the movie to enjoy its over-the-top acting, poor line delivery, and silly amount of melodrama. The Greg Sestero book The Disaster Artist also documents the making of the film, as Sestero played one of the leads in it, and the book was converted into a film starring James Franco, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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