In The Shrouded Isle, you play the leader of a cult village, and have to take care of all the cult-related chores like human sacrifice.

Kitfox Games, most famous for its co-op fantasy RPG Moon Hunters, has just announced its latest game: The Shrouded Isle. Looking through the information, the best way to describe this game is “Cult Village Simulator 2016”, as it has you assuming the role of the leader of a cult, and having to deal with all of the chores and nonsense that comes with the role. Like human sacrifice.

“As [the cult]’s leader, you are cursed to not only provide food and shelter for your people, but also an appropriate human sacrifice every season, to ensure the gods beneath the waves remain asleep,” said a Kitfox representative. The teaser trailer gives us a small glimpse into the five families that will be vying for power of the island, and your main opponents in the game.

Other than a February 2017 release date for PC, that’s about all we know about The Shrouded Isle for now. It certainly seems like a really interesting concept, and not one that has been done before.

Source: Kitfox Games

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