The Skyrim Script Extender Mod is Coming to the Special Edition


Skyrim: Special Edition is going to get its own version of the popular Skyrim Script Extender, meaning lots more mod possibilities.

Mods have become almost a default part of the Skyrim experience, even on console. There are thousands of mods out there, and each one changes or adds to the game in its own way. But many of those mods depend on another mod to work: Skyrim Script Extender. SKSE adds a number of scripts that give modders more flexibility and freedom.

While there are already mods for the Skyrim Special Edition, there is not currently a working version of the Skyrim Script Extender for the remaster, but that’s going to change soon. In a post on the mod’s official site, the mod team announced that it is working on a 64-bit version of SKSE for the Special Edition.

Hopefully, this release will bring a number of new mods to the remaster. Anything brings more options to the game is a win for everyone involved, so we’re definitely excited to see what’s coming. You can check out the current version of SKSE on Steam.

The SKSE team is hoping to release a beta version of Skyrim Script Extender in mid-March 2017.

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