The Soul Survivor: Part I

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Remora’s piercing purple eyes, burnt with hatred as the distant sun began to retire. He looked upon the battlefield, one that was once a piece of tranquillity, now just a memory lost in sour hate and inevitable tragedy. Remora drew his double blade, the only thing in life that was yet to betray him. He had spent years and years perfecting the art of Tetra. His companion Joshus had always accompanied him on his journeys, now just dead on the dirt beneath his feet. Joshus had fallen silent ten minutes before Remora had awoke; tears slowly crept down Remoras cheek. Remora took off Joshus’ pendant from around his neck, a placed in his still hand. He recalled his words prior to the battle for Snowy Marsh.

” If you see me with this pendant off, I’m a dead man! Only a very pretty lady or a mighty beast could get this thing off me “

Remora smiled as remembered his laid back attitude, the irony of holding his most treasured possession. Joshus kissed his pendant before every battle, as his great father Riyu once did.

The clouds were no more, and the sky a scarlet haze. He recalled the times they had laughed and trained together. Across the world people talked about them as if they were one person. Remora and Joshus were legendary, monsters fell before them. Remora could slice through steel with his double edge, and Joshus could shoot a mans skull in the same spot three times in a row with his Snipe Elven bow. A magical Paladin and an elite double edge, it was meant to be.

Remora no longer felt emotion, he had no feelings for anything. He remembered in detail how he had watched Joshus utter a cry as he fell to the ground. There was only one warrior in the continent that could match the skill of Remora or Joshus. That was Zodack. He had mastered black magic like a 6th sense. He could guide arrows to a victim, he could take over people’s minds, some books have suggested he had learnt how to use ‘Time stop’. Remora played over the events in his mind over and over.

“Ree, that shadow on the hill, he seems to be creating a mighty big fuss over there”
“What do you mean? Only the shadow devils have invaded this part of the land”
“That sound, those words, it sounds like a long range spell, I cant quite tell what it is though…”
“Decimus Joshus Remora disinter, disinter Posat”

As he muttered the final part of the spell Joshus shot a poison arrow into the arm of Zodack, Remora saw him retire into the distance, as he felt his head rush. Darkness.

That was when Remora woke shortly later to find the still body of his friend. The spell Zodack had began to mutter killed Joshus, but his arrow caused Zodack to stop reciting the spell. If that arrow hadn’t hit Zodack, both of them would have died.
These thoughts only encouraged his tears.

Remora placed a flower over the fatal wound, and set off in search of his killer…

[Part I]
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