Part II

Three days had passed since Joshus’ Death, he had continuously thought about him as he trained furiously in the Western underground caves. On the second day he had slain a beast, which carried a Sapphire Edge, these would make a handsome price when he returned to the Polkan market. His double edge had served him well, but it constantly reminded him of when him and Joshus and travelled to the eastern flatlands to buy it. He had his eyes set on a mighty weapon, it was known as ‘The Scarlet Blade’. This would cost at least 50,000 pieces if not more. It could only be obtained from the Shadow dragons, which could only be found near the Grasses of doom, situated at the most southerly point of Ashram.

Remora’s Tetra could no longer be improved, and had now decided to try learning a few magic spells, especially since he no longer had Joshus to watch his back. He could see Joshus’ body on the battlefield right now, probably being feasted on by vultures. Remora knew he was no where near good enough to take on Zodack, especially since he would know if Remora were coming to fight him at least three days beforehand. The dusty roads seemed dustier, and the mountains were steeper now that Joshus was gone.

Remora had done enough training in the Western Caves, he felt himself stronger, and his vitality was at an all time high considering the circumstances. He placed his double blade in his sheath and began to make his way to the Polkan market.

The familiar sound of folk hit him as he saw the Polkan gates quite nearby. Remora was a fearsome figure, standing at 7ft tall and built like a Minotaur, he often drew unwanted attention. Secretly, he liked it that way.

‘ahh what have we here young hunter, a sapphire edge?’
‘It is indeed, I have no time to barter, 50 000 pieces or I’ll be on my way’
‘fif..fif..Fifty thousand??, I’m afraid I don’t have that sort of cash! What I can offer you is this turquoise plate mail armour, and 20,000 pieces?’

Remora grudgingly accepted, but his Iron armour was rather restricting and had some severe slashes and dents.

‘You have a deal’
‘Excellent choice might I add, I thank you once again kind sir’

Remora enjoyed these busy towns; they allowed you time to take your mind off things. Even he realised how impressive his turquoise armour looked, it shimmered with youth, and it had that familiar ‘new armour’ smell to it. He now thought about how he could spend this 20 000 pieces. He decided to head for the accessory shop.

‘Ah! Good day to your sir, we’ve got some status rings just in and some very nifty devices, take your pick!!’
‘Is that a Fire Killer I see?’
‘Ah yes! This my friend will throw back any fire type beast’s attack and send it home crying! But I must apologize, this is reserved for a very wealthy customer’
‘This customer you talk of, does he have a name?’
‘Yes, his name is Baron, his is a half orc. His human nature has the better of him, but his skill with an axe cannot be beaten by another being in the whole of this western continent. I also hear he has been in a hunting party which took down a shadow dragon, but I only speak of what I hear, no?’
‘I thank you for your help, I expect I shall be back very soon’

Remora pondered on the thought of this man. Only the best fighters could take down a dragon of that stature. And why would he be in a town like Polkan? This guy had alot to answer for. As he headed out of the shop, Remora saw a large figure, a strange complexion standing across the street from the Tavern. He approached him.

‘My name is Remora, do you know of a man named Baron?’
‘Baron? Perhaps I do, but why would a Tetra artist like you ask?
‘I seek advice on my travels’
‘I see you are a tetra master by the way you stand; you have that look about you. Come with me to a quiet place where we can talk Business. Remora felt a spark of excitement; this guy had the potential to be a useful accomplice. As they walked the strange looking man turned to him;

‘My name is Baron’….

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