The Soul Survivor: Part III


Remora walked into a small hut like building, a picture hung on the wall, it looked like Baron was once part of a great hunting team. He stood proud on the far left with his Axe hammer on his back. They were all dressed in cloaks, Remora had always wanted to be part of something like that. In the middle of the clan was a very familiar face

Baron turned around confused when he noticed what he was staring at:
‘Zodack came with us when we hunted the Shadow Dragon. He was an amazing mage, wizard, teacher. His experience could not be matched in his field’

He was a black hooded figure with his red eyes peering out of the darkness concealing half of his face.

‘He killed Joshus, my only true friend. In turn I shall kill Zodack.
‘hahahaha Dont we all want to Remora? He is far too powerful to be taken down now, the man is a warlord of dark magic, he has changed alot since the days of our hunting party. Infact, the last time i spoke to him was a few days after the hunt. He looked pale, merciless. There was no passion left him, then bright face i was once friends with was gone.’
‘Now shall we move on to business?
‘Yes yes’

They talked for about forty minutes at a small wooden table, Remora had told him of Joshus’ death and the reason he wanted to kill Zodack. Baron sat there and listened. For Remora to get to the south where Zodack ‘lived’, he would have to cross the ashram grasses, but there was a probability that the Shadow Dragon would be there.

‘Im am not the hunter i once was no?’
‘You must help me, i have no choice’
‘I am sorry master Remora i cannot, to accompany you would be like holding hands with a suicidal man no?
‘If this is any consolation, You may take this Fire Killer armour.’
‘I would rather you, but this may help. I’ll be on my way’

Disappointed Remora left the village and trekked south. This would be a long, lonesome journey. He slung his Tetra double edge on his back.

* * *
10 days of tiresome walking. Remora had now reached Ashrams border. He thought to himself that he probably wouldnt make it out of here alive, but he had no choice but to try. Remora slowly walked across the grasses, alot was concealled because of the dense green, only ten minutes had passed when he heard a roar.

A Griffin Slayer appeared, Remora had never encountered something this strong. The griffin slayer shot magma at his face, and Remora jumped out of the way. His eyes focussed and he drew his tetra blade, with Joshus’ face in his mind. He struck the slayer down yet it managed to get up and attack him, he sliced across Remoras face, as blood started to trickle down past his eye. The Slayer jumped on top of him and Remora managed to push him off and stab it through its eye. The Slayer fell beside him with a groan, and remained still.

Remora completely exhausted fell to the floor, he realised he could never do this alone. He was going to die out here. As he recovered his stature, and tried to walk on, a group of Griffin Slayers emerged. They howled and began to charge at him. One of them jumped on top of Remora, and the other slayers followed suit. Remora saw memories flash before him and they started to go for his neck, this was the end for him he thought.

Out of nowhere, it must have been a 7 foot axe charged across the top of Remoras body, the Griffin slayers neck snapped instantly. Another one of the Griffin slayers began to float in mid-air, then a steel arrow flew straight through the Slayer. Then he heard the muttering of spells and another slayer simply began to burn, and moaned until it fell to the floor. More of the slayers just began to perish at the hands of these fighters.

A cloaked figure emerged infront of him with the mighty Axe, behind him was another hooded figure, this time with the most beautiful bow he had ever seen, and another a Red cloaked and hooded figure, with no weapon but magic. The leader of the three stood forward, and removed his hood. Baron stood tall and strong above Remoras tired body lying on the floor.

‘I gots to make sure my nice armour dont get lost no?’

Everything began to blur and fade away…..

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