Fading Edge

The Soul Survivor: Part VII



The figure seemed to carry darkness across his body. Evander could make out the Shadow Armour perfectly surrounding the figures torso. This person was tall, taller than Remora, but seemed perfectly adapted to fighting everything that stood in its path. The Darkness that surrounded him seemed to retreat, only to reveal a figure all in black. Most of the face shadowed by the cloak that engulfed him.


The shadow launched himself towards Evander, slicing his side open. Evander yelled out in pain as blood soaked his robes. He dropped to the floor clutching his side, as everything began to fade away. Remora ignored the approaching golem for the time being.


Remora started to run towards the figure, only to have his path blocked by the ball of fire that was Flare. Flare regained his human form and his dark red robes were once again concealing him. He walked slowly towards the figure.

“Your mind is poisoned, withdraw from this cave now”
“Oh Flare, still as confident as ever I see? How about I put a few more slices into our friend Evander here?”

Flares eyes lit.

“Death be upon you”

Flare erupted, he returned to a ball of fire, only to change again back to a human. This time he glowed with fire in his human form. Like a fusion of both his fire form and his natural form. The fire lined his skin but did not burn; it only fed him passion and power. Flare began to grow and grow until he engulfed the figure. The figure sliced with his sword in a helpless struggle, Flare then began to have a blue glow of energy around him, which was followed by a great white light.

It had temporarily blinded everyone inside the cave, when Remora opened his eyes Flare and the figure were no where to be seen. The golem had recovered from the shock of watching these events unfold and was now battling Baron who also must have been ready to fight. His double axe seemed to be everywhere at once, Remora had to leave him for the time being. Evander was lifeless on the floor.

A horrible feeling of déjà vu swept across him, he lay exactly how Joshus had lay when he had been killed by Zodack. Remora wasn’t going to let this happen again, but there was nothing he could do. Evander was slowly but surely dying without a word, Baron was occupied with the Golem. And Flare and the figure had completely disappeared. Remora fell to his knees helpless…

The sound of moving rock and footsteps came from the cave entrance.

“Young Evander, who’d of thought I’d find myself in these parts again!”

The most impressive figure stood before Remora, he had a Metallic Turquoise Bow with the most deadly arrows imaginable hanging from his back. He had armour that looked very similar to Shadow Dragon armour, and he looked like he possessed the power of magic.


Green streams of light seeped through the gaps in the cave floor, they entangled Evanders body on the floor. In a matter of minutes Evander gave a pathetic groan while the archer looked on happily. Evander’s eyes burst open at the sight of the person that had revived him.

“Turon!….. It surely cannot be you!! It just cannot be!”
” ’tis me Master Evander, and what a mighty bow you have crafted there my accomplice!”
” Flare, the hooded figure…..the golem!!….Baron?”
“Rest now Evander, me and your friend here have matters to deal with”

Remora looked inquisitively at Turon. To think that this man was one the people who took down the Shadow Dragon alongside Zodack. Flare and Evander were in the hunting party but they were mere apprentices, this was the first true master of the party that Remora had set his eyes upon.

Baron was thrown across the ground alongside Turon, he looked up at him.

“holy sh…”
“It seems we meet again Baron, and once again it seems your in trouble, you know that your more powerful than this beast, so why haven’t you just killed it already?”
“Turon, you no I refuse to….become….’that’ unless I have to, besides I didn’t want Remora to see what my inner self is like no?”
“ah so be it Baron, but I still don’t know why you just didn’t take it down yourself in a few seconds!, besides your hidden power should not stay hidden forever, use it as an asset. Now lets just take this thing down , I’m sure you’ll want my help to take down the…bigger fish?”

Baron rose from the floor, raised his double axe and once again began to fight the Golem, who was still alight in flames. The beast started conjuring more rock and punching Baron, whilst Turon took up position in the east of the cave.

“My bow is my weapon, and my arrow its child. I take up aim with the speed of light, now feel the pain from all my might”

The black arrow soared from Turon’s grip and flew straight through the back of the Golems skull, then another arrow flew through its torso, and one more through its right knee. Remora watched and realised those three spots were not picked at random.

The golems leg gave way and he completely looked emotionless, it clutched its heart and then fell to the floor. The flames that came out of its rocky skin soon died down. It faded into the ground and became part of the cave once more. Left where its body had been was a Golem helmet, Turon reached down and picked it up, looked at it, then handed it to Remora.

“I can sense your smart mind, so why don’t you protect what holds it? I’m Turon by the way, and who might you be?”
“Remora, but that’s not the point. Did you see what happened to Flare and that hooded guy?”
“Oh I saw the whole thing, but there wasn’t much I could do, that spell that Flare cast probably took a lot out of him, so I’m pretty sure that he’s resting after carrying it out”
“A spell? But that hooded guy who attacked Evander, as well as Flare, just disappeared with him”
“The spell is called ‘Unlimited Defiance’. Flare completely engulfed him, and transported him to a random destination thousands of miles away. I know that Flare likes to take his victims somewhere in the desert, and then he gets out of there as quickly as possible while they are unconscious.”
“So where exactly is he now?”
“Im sure he’s just resting up and he will return to us in a while, as for the person, I think they are trying to make their way back. But this one won’t die in the desert, certainly not. He will be helped, if not rescued by Zodack. I know that much.

Baron looked almost worried and quickly interrupted.

“Turon, why would Zodack help that person who attacked Evander? Who exactly was that figure? He must have been incredibly powerful to have slain Evander in a few seconds”
“Well Baron, that figure is a slave of Zodack’s. I don’t know if his mind is poisoned or what, but he is either being controlled by Zodack or he is voluntarily assisting him. Lets hope it’s the first possibility”
“Who would be that strong to track us down though and almost take out Evander?”
“Well that hooded swordsman wasn’t your average fighter. That warrior was Ghidrah”
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