The Stick of Truth‘s Australian Censorship is Due To Anal Probing

crying koala

The offending scenes will be replaced with an image of a crying koala in the Australian version.

We heard earlier in the month that the Australian version of South Park: The Stick of Truth will be a “slightly modified” censored version. Player Attack have obtained copies of the Australian Classification Board’s reports, and we now know exactly what those edits will be. Just like the board had a problem with Saints Row IV‘s “alien anal probe” weapon, it looks like an alien anal probing scene in The Stick of Truth was also its biggest offender.

The interactive sequence, entitled “Alien Probing”, features male characters being captured by aliens and stripped naked before “repeatedly having an oversized, phallic probe thrust into their buttocks”, mimicking sexual movements and accompanied by “squelching” sound effects.

The board also had a problem with an “abortion” scene, wherein “The player controls the doctor’s hands and repeatedly thrusts a length of wire between the patient’s splayed legs (implicitly to bring about an abortion) before applying a vacuum device to the patient’s genital region (below screen).”

After a re-submission wherein these events were toned down was still rejected, the developers opted to simply cut them altogether. Now, when Australian players reach these scenes, they are simply presented with a still image of a crying koala with “CENSORED” stamped across it, while a text description of the events scrolls down the screen.

It sucks that games are still getting censored down under, but it’s nice to see the South Park guys dealing with it with a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

Source: Player Attack

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