The Stomping Land Trailer: Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

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The Stomping Land is a dangerous place, but it’s a lot less scary from the back of a friendly dino.

It’s hunt or be hunted in The Stomping Land, the prehistoric survival game that made its debut on Kickstarter last year. Granted, most survival games involve an awful lot of hunting, but a new pre-launch trailer from the developers gives us a glimpse of just how competitive life in the wilderness can be. Even the mighty tyrannosaurus can be tricked or outmaneuvered, but the true threat to you and your tribe will be the other humans.

The multiplayer components of The Stomping Land are shaping up to be much like Rust, with more of an emphasis on working together with your tribe. Then there’s the fact that most of the wildlife is big enough to swallow you whole, adding a Monster Hunter vibe to your resource collection. The dinosaurs aren’t just meat waiting to be poached, though – with enough determination, you can tame the beasts and mount up to get an edge on the other tribes.

In fact, it seems like taming a dino of your own isn’t just useful – it’s a necessity of survival. Unlike most games, your character in The Stomping Land doesn’t have a magic inventory capable of storing hundreds of resources. You have your two hands and a couple slots for equipment, so catching a pack mule (or pack Gallimimus, as it were) will be a high priority.

The Stomping Land won’t be finished anytime soon, but Early Access will be available shortly for those who can’t wait to tame the wilds. Kickstarter backers will get Steam codes on May 23, while everyone else can buy a ticket to prehistory on May 30 for $25.

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