The Suffering Offered for Free


Surreal Software’s 2004 survival horror game has been released online for free to promote the upcoming feature film.

Next year, MTV Films will release The Suffering, a movie based on the Midway game of the same name. Produced and directed by Stan Winston and Brian Gilbert from Stan Winston Prods. and Jason Lust and Rick Jacobs from Circle of Confusion, the flick will follow the game’s plot.

Set in a maximum-security prison Abbott State Penitentiary, convicted murderer Torque must fight through hordes of demons and horrid memories to escape prison and his past.

In MTV’s first step to advertise the movie, the company and the game’s publisher Midway have released the original title for the PC as a download. Once installed, the distribution is supported by advertising videos shown before the game begins.

Interested horror fans looking for a free PC game can download The Suffering from Fileshack.

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