Snipperclips, the delightful co-op puzzler from Nintendo, is now officially a Switch launch title.

Snipperclips, Nintendo’s new 2D co-op puzzler, will now be a Switch launch title, the company has announced. This last-minute addition to the console’s launch lineup brings the number of first-party Nintendo games launching with the Switch to three.

The game was previously slated for “March 2017,” but has been updated with a firm “March 3” release date on the Nintendo eShop, putting it in line with the console’s launch. The game will retail at the lower $20 price point, but will only be available as a digital download at first.

On March 10, a bundle of the game containing a pair of additional Joy-Cons will arrive at retail. Pricing for the bundle has yet to be confirmed.

Snipperclips is a delightful little puzzler where two players play as pieces of paper, who have to “snip” each other into various shapes and sizes to be able to solve the puzzles. It was the surprise hit of my Switch hands-on back in January.

Source: GameSpot

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