The Terminator‘s Flaws Targeted in 6-Minute Video


Cinema Sins recently released a 6-minute rundown of The Terminator and its many problems.

In the humble opinion of this news writer, Terminator 2 is one of the finest action films ever made. From start to finish it hits all the right notes whether they’re centered in human drama or pulse-pounding action. The original Terminator film meanwhile, isn’t quite at that same level.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Terminator. It’s an incredibly enjoyable flick that laid the groundwork for one of the iconic action franchises there is. That said, it was also made in 1984 back when James Cameron’s resources and polish aren’t anywhere near what they were even just a few years down the road. The point here is that it’s not perfect and if you don’t believe us the folks at Cinema Sins have recently released a video detailing everything the flick that made Arnold the household name he is today got wrong.

Granted, most of the problems highlighted are minor in nature but, if nothing else, they do underscore some of the limitations that have led to the film aging a bit more poorly than its near-perfect successor. What do you think? Is this video on the mark or do the The Terminator‘s merits supersede its bountiful flaws?

Source: YouTube

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