The Ultimate Lego-Halo Crossover That You Can Wear


In what can only be described as an epic collision of nerd ubercultures, a 15-year-old Halo fan has built a complete, wearable replica of the Master Chief’s armor out of Lego.

Halo cosplay and Lego may not be the most obvious combination ever but it sure rang a bell for Ben Caulkins, aka Benny Brickster, the talented teenager who first started work on the Mjolnir Mark VI armor back in October 2010. Six months later, it’s finally finished and looks absolutely amazing, even if Caulkins himself is a little short for a Spartan.
The building process began with the helmet but the torso armor proved to be the most time-consuming piece to build. The odd shapes of the arm and leg plates presented unique challenges as well, and Caulkins said he’s not entirely satisfied with the upper arms because they’re a little undersized. “But I couldn’t make them any bigger, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to flex my arm (plus I couldn’t bear the extra weight),” he explained.

He gave the suit its first public test run at the Lego Fun at Lyndhurst festival and it came through with flying colors. He originally intended to just have it on display but ended up wearing it for the entire event. “This proved that I could move in it without too much damage occurring (one lost piece and one part that came undone),” he wrote. “Also, it stood up pretty well against Lego’s main adversary, the hands of small and curious children. Also, the helmet went through quite an ordeal, having to be placed on the heads of around 100 children.”

It’s hard to describe this thing as anything but “awesome” so I’m just going to stick with that – awesome work, Ben!

Source: The Brothers Brick

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