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The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Review in 3 Minutes: A So-So Audio-Based Adventure

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The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is an audio-based action RPG developed by Flying Squirrel and Creative Bytes Studios. You play as Alex, a blind princess. Far from home, her caravan is attacked and her traveling party killed. With the help of a wounded Shepard who crossed her path, she must find her way back to her homeland and warn her family of a looming threat.

The game has incredible, inventive, and engaging ideas that I desperately want to see them and other developers expand upon. Unfortunately, poor writing turns what would be a neat idea into a boring game. While the last forty-five minutes were engaging, it didn’t compensate for the monotonous dialog and repetitive gameplay in my five-and-a-half-hour playthrough. While there are great things to take away from the Vale, it doesn’t live up to its potential.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is available now on PC and Xbox One for $19.99.

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