The Warren Brings Bunny-Centric Tabletop Action to Kickstarter


The Warren will transform players into helpless rabbits in a vicious world.

Last year, Bully Pulpit Games announced its intention to publisher The Warren, a tabletop RPG focused on the adventures of intelligent rabbits struggling to survive in a cruel and violent world. In other words, it’s not a game for people who like their bunnies living a life of peaceful, hopping happiness. Luckily for Bully Pulpit and the game’s creators, the realm of tabletop RPGs is apparently rife with gamers eager to tap into their inner hare. Case in point, Bully Pulpit recently launched a Kickstarter to help fund The Warren and, in less than two weeks, has found itself with nearly double the game’s initial goal of $5,000.

Currently hovering at just under $10,000, its current contributions have come from more than 240 backers intent on helping the game achieve publication. The final book itself will be full-color and include 144 pages of art and rules based in part on Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World system. It apparently also derives inspiration “from classic rabbit tales such as Watership Down, Fifteen Rabbits, and Peter Rabbit.” Unlike most role-playing games which focus on helping a single character advance and survive for long periods of time, The Warren is built around a “generational” concept where player-rabbits are expected to have children and be “lost” with relative frequency.

Speaking personally, while I have no great affinity for rabbits or bunny-centric fiction, The Warren sounds like it could still be fodder for a great RPG experience. Just think about how tense things can get when you’re playing a heavily armored warrior in a party full of wizards, barbarians and thieves. Stripping all that away and turning you into a frail and helpless bunny sounds to me like the very definition of intense. Check it out and pitch in a dollar or two if you feel so inclined.

Source: Kickstarter

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