The Week in Review: It has a theme song only the smartly dressed can hear. This week, Squeenix, Sony, Saboteurs, Sequels and Wangs.

Square-Enix and PopCap Slay the Beast of Productivity


Have you ever wondered what would happen if heroin and cocaine had a baby? The result would probably be the new game from Square-Enix and PopCap, Gyromancer. The game looks reminiscent of the already addictive Puzzle Quest, with the mechanics of PopCap’s Bejewelled Twist. Expect to see cities devoid of human life and for nature to reclaim the streets when this game gets released. (link)

Sony’s Sales See-Saw


It’s has been a funny old week for Sony. On the one hand it announced that the PS3 Slim has sold 1,000,000 units, but on the other hand it’s had to deal with the fact that several retailers have announce plans to boycott the PSPgo, which seemed to have rattled the company enough for it to offer three free games to PSP owners who upgrade to the new hardware. (double link)

Making Sabotage Easy!


In a move that should please our very own Susan Arendt, Pandemic Studios has announced that they want everyone who plays The Saboteur to be able to complete it, regardless of their level of skill. “We balance the game on the Hardcore mode,” said lead designer Tom French. “If we can play through it on Hardcore then that’s a good balance for us and we just tune it down.” (link)

There Can Be Only One… More


“I am Juan Sánchez Villalobos Ramírez, Chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain. And I’m at your service” The exciting and often unintentionally hilarious Highlander is a movie that has been treated very, very badly. While seemingly sequel-proof, that didn’t stop movie executives from making not one, not two, not even three, but four sequels, two spin-off series TV shows and even a Saturday morning cartoon. The next indignity? A reboot, which will either be the final nail in the coffin or a shot in the arm to a franchise that perhaps should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. (link)

Eroge Game Can See Your Wang


Love Death 4 is a upcoming Japanese eroge that will be able to recognise the shape of an erect penis. There, that’s the weirdest thing I’m likely to have to type ever. I have nothing to follow that.

For the love of Samus, the game can see your wang!

Click the link for details.(link)

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