The Week in Review: It thinks the ocean is stupid. This week; Star Trek, Swords, Boobs and two types of Fin.

The Colored-In Money


Hey kids, how do you fancy breaking a law and drawing on some cash? Not all that keen huh? Well who can blame you, especially in these difficult economic times? Luckily for us all, someone with more money than sense, and a lot of time on their hands, has graciously done the hard part for us and defaced a big stack of cash in a gleefully nerdy fashion. (link)

Santa Gets Free Broadband


Or he would, if he was real*. The Finnish government has stated that broadband access is now a legal right, like the right to be tried by a jury of wise elves or the ‘free-reindeer-for-every-schoolchild’ law**. The government has committed to providing every household with at least 1Mb per second in the short term, eventually increasing to an impressive 100Mb a sec by 2015. (link)

*I’m kidding, Santa is totally real.
** Some of these laws may be false.

I Cannae Do It Captain, I Dunnae Have The Tech!


Award-winning sci-fi author Charlie Stross has finally managed to pin down what he doesn’t like about Star Trek, and as it turns out, it’s the technobabble, which he claimed the writers used as a crutch, often just writing ‘tech’ in the script. “You could strip out the 25th century tech in Star Trek and replace it with 18th century tech … without changing the scripts significantly,” said Stross in a blog post. Given that Star Trek has probably inspired countless kids to be scientist, I’m willing to let it off for not being the best written stuff in the world. (link)

I bet Stormbringer Never Had To Put Up With This


“Become a runeblade they said, people will fear you they said. Didn’t say nothin’ about any damn paper!” You kinda have to feel sorry for Frostmourne, it’s not easy being a terrible scourge o’er the land of Azeroth when people are making paper replicas of you, albeit almost absurdly detailed and actually very impressive replicas of you. Seriously though, even lightsabers don’t have to put up with this kind of crap. (link)

Porn Game Comes With Wearable Rack


Japanese sex game Huge Breast Fantasy comes bundled with – I suppose predictably enough – a huge pair of fantasy breasts, as well as a G-Cup bra so that the player can… urr… ok, I have no idea. Seriously,words fail me.

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