Happy New Year! On the first Week In Review of 2010 we’ve got gun-toting Playboy witches, lawsuits over replicants, Scottish orc relocation, frumpy mothers invoking the devil and Disney couples on the rocks.

Playboy Gets Bitten by Cosplay Bug


It takes a special kind of character to get Playboy to start doing cosplay, but apparently Bayonetta fits the bill because the official Playboy site is running an ‘article’ about the best looking Bayonetta cosplayer, from its stable of young ladies. It’s not the best cosplay you’ll ever see, as none of the girls really look all that much like the character, but if you’re into that kind of thing, give it a look. (link)

You’re In the Desert and You See a Tortoise…


Is your phone a replicant? Probably not, but the estate of Philip K. Dick, is still up in arms about Google’s decision to name its phone the Nexus One. According to Dick’s daughter Isa Dick Hackett, the name is a clear reference to the Nexus-6 model replicants in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, which became the movie Blade Runner. While there is a clear similarity in the names, Dick’s legal team will still have to prove that the products are connected. (link)

Free to a Good Home: One Orc


When you get an orc, you expect it to be for life, so my deepest sympathies go out to 42 year old Robert Cushnie, who had to choose between his orc and his bride. Robert’s wife Dee found the full-size model of a World of Warcraft more than a little intimidating, saying “I just don’t like it … I’m only 5’3″, so it towers over me, which is quite creepy.” Dee gave her husband an ultimatum, either ditch the orc, or she was moving to Canada. Luckily, Robert found a new home for the model in Aberdeen, so their split was averted. (link)

Press X to Renounce Satan


Electronic Arts? Eldritch Arts more like, at least that’s according to Marla Jo Fisher, a staff writer at the Orange County register in her impartial and well thought out article “Videogames Were Invented By The Devil”. According to Fisher, if Isaac Newton had had a Nintendo DS – and I assume that in her world, DS stands for ‘Devil Satan’ – he’d never have come up with the theory of gravity and that videogames will prevent children from becoming the leaders we need in the future. It’s possible however, that she might be a little over sensitive, as this quote suggests: “On one horrible afternoon that scarred me for life, I even saw a kid walking out of the public library playing a Nintendo DS.” The emphasis is mine by the way. (link)

Shock, Horror! Zac Efron Actually Human!


Who’d have thought that Zac Efron,a man that most people assumed was from the Disney clone farms, is actually a human being after all? Not a good human being mind you, but human none the less. According to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, who, along with Efron, got her break in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, Efron spends too much time on his Xbox and not enough time with her in the regeneration alcove, or whatever it is she does for fun. (link)

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