In this week’s edition, porn on consoles, superheroes, and disgruntled developers calling out their games.

Porn Purveyor Targets Consoles


Steven Hirsch, co-founder of adult media studio Vivid Entertainment is trying to get one of the console makers to feature his company’s content on their online service. His first port of call was Sony, but after being turned down there, he says he’s moving on to Microsoft: “If we could get further than we did with Sony [on Xbox Live], we’d be very interested.” I can’t see him – or any other adult film maker – succeeding, but you have to admire his tenacity. (link)

First Look at Captain America’s Movie Costume


If there’s one thing that cosplay has taught us, it’s that getting a superhero costume to look right on an actual human being can be quite tricky, and often comic book designs end up looking silly. Rejoice then, that the suit for the titular hero in Captain America: First Avenger has been tweaked a little to make it as “real person” friendly as possible. I will admit that I kind of miss the wings on the mask, but I can live without them. Hit the link to see for yourself. (link)

Mass Effect 3 Will Be More Upbeat Than Its Predecessor


Did Mass Effect 2 leave you feeling down in the dumps? Well have no fear, as Mass Effect 3 will be a lighter affair, according to producer Casey Hudson. “We’re not talking too much about Mass Effect 3 right now, but the second story in a trilogy is where you traditionally end up in a fairly dark place. The third story is where you try and bring some fun and lightness back into it … Mass Effect 3 is going to be the epic conclusion… so, a lot more darkness but also a lot more humor.” (link)

FF7 Writer Bashes Nintendo


Masato Kato, who wrote Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger, claims that the age of Nintendo is over, and it is Apple that has killed the giant. Well, sort of, as he also claimed that the Nintendo had been digging its own grave with the Wii and the DS. I can’t decide whether to take him seriously or not, because while Apple is growing into the games market, the Wii and DS have been phenomenally successful. (link)

Unnamed Obsidian Employee Disses Alpha Protocol


Following a string of disappointing reviews for Alpha Protocol, an unnamed individual, who allegedly works for Obsidian, has lashed out at the game, saying that it should have been cancelled. The anonymous source, calling themselves a “tired dev”, laid much of the blame at producer and Obsidian co-owner Chris Parker, saying that his micromanagement spoiled the game. (link)

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