On this week’s edition: Team Fortress 2’s engineer gets a new toy, the dynamic duo battle biology, and scientists trade Kevlar for custard.

Science Produces Custard Armor


British scientists have created a type of bulletproof custard that can replace twenty layers of Kevlar in body armor. It’s not quite the same stuff as you might pour over a dessert, but just like the regular, more delicious, kind of custard, it thickens when struck with enough force, which means it is capable of stopping bullets. (link)


It’s All New in Dragon Age 2


The next Dragon Age was officially announced this week, and will have a new hero, new combat mechanics, and a new visual style. Players take control of Hawke, a refugee in post-blight Ferelden, who becomes the most important person in the kingdom. Dragon Age 2 is released in March 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. (link)

Man to Lose Dignity in APB Stunt


APB’s character creator is pretty robust and to show that off, EA is letting the internet customize the appearance of an actual person, and then have that person appear in game. Voters will get to chose the recipient’s hair, clothing, tattoos and piercings, although those last two must surely be temporary. At least I hope they’re temporary.(link)

Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder Become Acronyms


When it’s not appearing in Metal Gear Solid games, DARPA is hard at work making crazy stuff for the US Military, usually with weird – and often rather funny – acronyms. What do you think its latest projects are called? Why BaTMAN and RoBIN of course! Sadly, the projects are to do with biology, and have nothing to do with fighting crime while wearing tights. (link)

TF2’s Engineers Get the Midas Touch


A select group of engineers in Team Fortress 2 have learned the ancient art of alchemy. They gained the ability to turn the most base of materials – enemy players – into exquisite golden statues by bludgeoning them with a magical wrench. Only five golden wrenches were supposed to be handed out, but a bug meant that a few more than that slipped through the net. (link)

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