In this week’s edition, we get a look at what might be a new Valve game, and Anonymous goes after Sony.


Mass Effect 3 Details Emerge

The latest issue of Game Informer has some details on the upcoming third part of the Mass Effect series. It looks like Mass Effect 3 will combine elements from the first two games, hopefully dodging the problems of both in the process. The weapon system, for example, will be like ME2, but will have some of the customization options from ME1. Hit the link to read some plot details. (Link)


Portal Comics Tells the Ratman’s Tale

All those messages about cake in Portal didn’t just appear from nowhere, they were left there by the Ratman, or Doug Rattman, an unfortunate soul who seems to have suffered at the hands of GLaDOS. Ratman has been a mysterious figure from some time now, but a new Portal comic could soon give us an insight into his story, and indeed, into what’s going on with that damnable cake. Hit the link to see some sample pages from the comic. (Link)


“Leaked” Pics Hint at New Valve IP

What do oddly proportioned faces, spaceships, and techno-peg-legs have in common? They all make an appearance in what seems to be concept art for a new game from Valve. PC Gamer was able to take a few snaps while visiting the offices of the Half-Life and Portal developer and posted them online for all to see. Some are calling the images a leak, others are calling them a tease. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Witcher 2 Reveals Tech Specs

CD Projekt has announced exactly how good a computer you’ll need to have in order to play the second game in the Witcher series. What’s notable about the specifications is that they’re actually surprisingly low, especially considering that The Witcher 2 was designed with the PC in mind, rather than being a multi-platform game that had to take consoles into account as well. Hit the link to see the specifications for yourself. (Link)


Sony Stirs Up Anonymous Hornets’ Nest

Hacktivist group Anonymous has taken offense at Sony’s efforts to sue PS3 hackers, and has launched a campaign of denial of service attacks on Sony-owned sites in an effort to get the company to back down from its lawsuits. Anonymous accused Sony of suppressing information, victimizing its customers, and invading the privacy of thousands of innocent people, and says it will not stop its attacks until Sony learns its lesson. (Link)

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