In this week’s edition, Valve promises more Half-Life and Charlie Sheen makes an appearance in the Sims 3.


Bethesda Shows Off New Skyrim Screenshots

There’s months to go before the new Elder Scrolls game arrives, but that’s not stopping Bethesda from breaking out a slew of screenshots for fans to drool over. The latest batch show stealth kills, wolves, wraiths and caves. Skyrim is looking rather impressive at the moment, and there’s still around seven months worth of work and polish to go into it yet. (Link)


Notch Opens Minecraft Store

Not only has Mojang blazed a trail all the way to the finals of March Mayhem, it’s also decided to open a shop where Minecraft players can buy knick knacks, sundries, and services. Much like Minecraft itself, the shop is still being worked on at the moment, but there’s already a great selection of goods available. There are a few glitches and bugs to be worked out though, like if you try and place an order over $10,000 – the store does interesting things. (Link)


EA Adds Tiger Blooded Warlock to Sims 3

Charlie Sheen’s recent, bizarre antics have earned him a great deal of attention, even from videogame publishers. EA decided that its digital doll house, Sims 3, needed to embrace the concept of “bi-winning” and introduced Sheen to the game. The digital version of Sheen crashes a birthday party, brings a load of strippers with him, and dances in his underpants. Unfortunately, that’s not even that much of a parody, as Sheen’s actual behaviour is about on a par with what EA came up with. (Link)


Valve Tells Gamers Not to Give Up On More Half-Life

It’s been quite a while since the cliff hanger ending of Half Life 2: Episode 2, and Valve doesn’t seem to be any rush to get the next episode out and finish the story. Some have started to think that Episode 3 will never see the light of day, but Valve’s marketing boss, Doug Lombardi, said that the studio wasn’t done with Gordon Freeman just yet. He didn’t specify Episode 3, however, so it’s possible Valve might skip to something else Half-Life themed. (Link)


Canadian ISP Accidentally Throttles WoW

Rogers, one of the Canada’s leading internet service providers , has admitted that its automated filter designed to prevent P2P file sharing was also mistakenly targeting World of Warcraft and making the game unplayable. This admission is the result of an investigation into the issue, prompted by a WoW player frustrated with the frequent disconnections. Unfortunately, it will be months before Rogers is able to fix the problem. (Link)

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