The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed new-gen PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X S PC

Last year, gamers the world over were expecting new-gen upgrades to both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Unfortunately, they were both delayed to 2022. In the case of the former, the new-gen patch did launch back in February. The update for The Witcher 3 was expected in Q2. Sadly, CD Projekt Red has confirmed today that the new-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is further delayed on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

Here is the official announcement:

To someone who was looking forward to playing The Witcher 3 at a higher frame rate, this news stings. It is also interesting to note the work on the new-gen port is now being done in-house. One wonders if CD Projekt Red was unhappy with how the outsourced studio was handling the game.

However, the wait will be worth it. The upgrade itself will be free for existing owners of The Witcher 3, which is great. Additionally, free DLC inspired by the Netflix show will also be included. And it should look dazzling and run well.

Hopefully, CD Projekt Red is doing better as a company these days. It has certainly had its share of controversy. Between workplace accusations and the rough launch of Cyberpunk 2077, it really needs to rehabilitate its image. With any luck, the new-gen The Witcher 3 update and the next Witcher game will not disappoint.


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