The Witcher 3 PC Receives New Framerate Patch


CD Projekt RED has released a new patch to correct a variety of technical bugs in the PC version of The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 released earlier this week and already many critics and gamers have hailed it as being one of the most impressive RPGs to come out in a good long time. Unfortunately however, this praise has not been without some caveats. Marring the experience for many players has been a cavalcade of technical issues including things like drops in the game’s frame rate, especially during combat.

Responding to these issues, its developers CD Projekt RED have released a new patch today aimed at resolving some the key issues in the game’s PC version. Among these are improvements to the games stability, user-interface tweaks and a variety of fixes for other small bugs. The full rundown can be found here. Community lead Marcin Momot also assured console gamers (at least on the PS4) that a similar patch is on the way for their versions as well. Another larger patch is also in the works which may include other improvements such as a bigger, easier to read font size for the game’s text.

While these fixes will certainly go a long way toward easing some of the frustrations gamers have had with The Witcher 3, the fact that it has any technical problems at all could be a source of annoyance on its own. After all, the stated reason behind the game’s multiple release delays was the developer’s desire to squash bugs like these prior to its release. When you consider The Witcher 3‘s size and complexity, it’s still within the realm of reason for the game to have some issues. That said, here’s hoping the full breadth of its problems get cleared up sooner rather than later.

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