The Witcher: DuelMail Open Beta Begins Soon


CD Projekt RED has announced the upcoming open beta for The Witcher: DuelMail, a browser-based online combat game.

Featuring two-player battles between three completely different character classes, The Witcher: DuelMail will require players to line up attacks, spells and defensive moves before issuing challenges to other players, who will set up their own sequences of maneuvers in response. The combatants will then go head-to-head in an all-out battle to the finish. As players win consecutive fights, they gain experience, advance to higher levels and earn new skills and items to use in combat.

Developed by Polish gaming company one2tribe, The Witcher: DuelMail will include high-quality visuals, sound and special effects along with motion-captured animation to give it a much higher level of production value that most Flash-based games. Special events and regular updates and expansions will keep the game interesting, while built-in email invitations will make it easy for friends to join up for some Witcher-style head-bashing.

The Witcher: DuelMail is currently in closed beta testing, with the open beta period beginning April 7. The full game is currently set for release on May 9.

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