As launch looms, developer Jonathan Blow provides an update.

The Witness, the upcoming game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow, is in the home stretch of development as it moves toward release next month. Blow recently updated the game’s official blog with a new video featuring a slow pan across the island which serves as the game’s setting, some details on the project’s current status, and information about the possibility of a physical release.

Blow noted that the game is nearly finished, with mostly small fixes being made to gameplay and visuals and some voice-over work to be wrapped up in January.

On the topic of a physical retail release, Blow stated that there have been “talks with a couple of parties for a while,” and that the prospect seems likely. That release probably won’t arrive until after the game launches digitally, however, as Blow noted that the development team will need to work right up until the release date in order to launch on time. Rather than delay the digital launch to afford the necessary lead time for physical production, Blow has decided that a retail version can come a bit later.

The Witness is an exploration adventure in which players explore an island in first-person and solve maze-based puzzles using environmental clues. The game is currently slated to release January 26 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. An iOS version will follow at a later date.

Source: Official Site

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