The World’s Greatest Level 1 Mage Offers Tips for Surviving Icewind Dale


Beamdog and Wizards of the Coast have released four videos (with six more coming) offering survival tips for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Check them out exclusively at The Escapist!

Icewind Dale: Enchanced Edition will be releasing soon, giving a new generation of gamers a chance to experience one of the most beloved isometric RPGs to come out of the era of the Infinity Engine. That in mind, Beamdog Entertaiment and Wizard of the Coast were kind enough to give The Escapist exclusive access to a series of “Survival Rule” videos aimed at providing hints and tips to help newcomers ready themselves for the game.

It’s been three days since we started posting these videos and since then our readers have been educated about getting “Buffed,” dealing with fog of war and, most recently, the merits of getting magically snockered by downing all of your potions in tough spots. Today’s video, in turn, deals with the art and benefits of condemning your companions and hirelings to horrible deaths for your own gain survival.

With seven days and seven lessons (all narrated by the great Alveus Malcanter) left, we urge to you keep your eyes on The Escapist so we can help you prepare for your return to Icewind Dale.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will launch on PC, Mac, iOS and Android on October 30th.

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