The World’s Most Consistent Developer


Following up on the research that determined Ubisoft to be the world’s least consistent videogame publisher, GameQuarry has put together a similar survey for developers. Who they figured out is the world’s most consistent developer might surprise you.

As with the publisher survey, GameQuarrry used a points system deducted from Metacritic scores. Games with scores from 90-100 got two points, scores in the 80s got one, and scores in the 70s no points at all. Anything in the 60s was worth -1, and everything else was -2.

The world’s most consistent developer had 45 points total, with 10 A-rank games, 40 B-ranks and only a handful of games in the C-F range. No, it wasn’t Nintendo. The world’s most consistent developer is Visual Concepts, the studio primarily responsible for Take Two’s 2K Sports games. Coming up second with 43 points was EA Tiburon, the home of the Madden series. Nintendo nabs third place, with 42 points.

Rounding out the top five are EA Sports and Neversoft, while other notables in the top ten include Harmonix at seven and Valve at ten. The rest of the top twenty is populated by Rockstar North, BioWare, Bethesda, Infinity Ward and Epic Games, among plenty of other notables.

I guess it makes sense that a company that puts out games of similar (apparently high) quality on such a regular basis should earn the trophy for most consistent. As long as they keep putting out the same game that’s at the same level, people will keep liking it. That explains the presence of EA Sports and Neversoft, who produce Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero games. So it’s less like winning the spelling bee than it is earning the perfect attendance award, if you think about it that way.


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