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Of course the URL for the deal is “”.

If you enjoy the video game Mass Effect and the card game Cards Against Humanity then boy do we have a deal for you. In a shameless cross-promotion (“We thought if we wrote a pack with BioWare, they would let us play the new Mass Effect game early”) Cards Against Humanity has released a special limited edition set of 14 Mass Effect-themed cards.

You can buy them here for just one dollar. You’ll notice that the URL for the special deal is “” – which should give you a bit of a hint as to what the cards themselves will contain.

Still confused about this incredibly simple promotion? Here’s an F.A.Q from the CAH team:

Q: Should I buy this if I’ve never played the Mass Effect series?
A: Probably not.

Q:Does this have Andromeda spoilers?
A: No, they wouldn’t let us play it.

Q:Is this a limited run?
A: We’ll sell these until we run out. Together we can stop Sovereign!

Q:Can I cancel my order?
A: We don’t have to submit to the Reapers. We can beat them! You can’t cancel your order.

Q:I want to complain about the ending of Mass Effect 3.
A: Still? Okay, email [email protected].

Source: Cards Against Humanity

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