There’s a Mod For That: Modder Recreates Splatoon in Team Fortress 2


Splat Fortress does an admirable job of porting Nintendo’s ink-based shooter to PC.

If you want to play Splatoon, you have to buy a Wii U. Right? Wrong. Proving once again that modders can do pretty much anything, an ambitious Team Fortress 2 modder has gone about porting Nintendo’s ink-based shooter to the PC. Splat Fortress is very, very rough around the edges, but all of the basics of Splatoon are there. You paint the floor and the walls with a paint gun, and splat your opponents with said gun. You can turn into a squid to swim rapidly through your own team’s ink, and that stupid cat even shows up at the end to tally up the scores (though his TF2 incarnation is considerably more grumpy).

There are quite a few limitations, though. You can only play as the demoman, and the paint is shot out of your grenade launcher in big blocky squares, rather than the inky splotches of Splatoon, and there is just the one weapon and one map so far. Nonetheless, it is an impressive effort, and shows off just how versatile Team Fortress 2 is, even after all these years.

The mod is not available to the public yet, but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when it gets a release.

Source: Steam

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