The new, expanded demo will let players explore “more of the mysterious, derelict mansion” that was in the original build.

Capcom has announced that it plans to release an updated version of the Resident Evil 7 demo today. It’s being called the “Twilight” demo, and it will let players dig deeper into the derelict Baker mansion that’s in the existing demo.

There’s a new trailer for the demo as well, and it includes a rather disturbing look at the Baker family.

Alongside the announcement of the new demo, Capcom also announced that there will be a third story expansion added to the game’s season pass. Due to this addition the company has raised the price of the deluxe edition of Resident Evil 7 to $89.99. We did learn yesterday that the game will not have microtransactions.

You’ll be able to check out the new demo today. Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017.

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